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W.B. Clark

Author & Illustrator


New Release

A Thousand Short Lives 

A Thousand Short Lives is a colorful love story that transcends time and space. Written as a novella-in-flash, follow a soul’s journey as they explore what it means to be truly alive amongst the varying shades of humanity. This quest for love spans the tales of many individuals, all unique, yet intimately intertwined with the next.



That's right! All pages of A Thousand Short Lives, are printed in color! Every chapter was written with a color in mind and is part of the story. 

As you may know, Earth is a demanding planet that leaves little time for reading, but this micro-art was designed to be felt, more than read. So, soak up all the color, and on your own time and pace, be ready to laugh, to cry, and above all else, to fall in love.

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"One of the most unique, thought-provoking, imaginative stories I’ve ever read.

It’s about life, death, spirituality, pain, the afterlife and raises all kinds of cosmic questions. It puts you in the shoes of so many different souls, and makes you think about what it is to be human (and in some cases, NOT human).

The prose is absolutely beautiful. It’s strange for those used to storytelling in a chronological order, and some may not get it. But for those that do get it, the ones who have a creative soul, it will take you on a journey.

This is not a book to be read in one sitting. With prose this stunning, you need to take your time, and savor every last word.


I can NOT sing the praises of this story enough. Well done W.B. Clark. It’s artistically brilliant, a canvas of words, and it was my pleasure to read it.”


-Avery Kingston,

Amazon best selling author

Praise & Reviews

"Sometimes, writing appears so simple at first glance you don't realize how it's accumulating inside you, until you notice the feelings—the smiles, the excitement, the adventure, the love—that you can't stop noticing. This is the best kind of writing, it melds into your being, your heart and your body.

A Thousand Short Lives by W.B. Clark is like that. The heart in each story and each color, infecting you, a grin on your face, as the chapter, the stories, connect to each other until it's over and it feels like you have just spent the past hours listening to your best friend or a magical stranger telling you the most fantastic stories."

-Chiwan Choi,

Author of My Name is Wolf


W.B. Clark

W.B. Clark is from small-town Oklahoma, mostly raised on a farm full of chickens and then partially on a boat in Alaska. She graduated from the University of Oklahoma in 2015, then moved to some big cities, where life happened. She finally got a job that pays her bills, and sometimes, she gets to write books and illustrate pretty pictures on the side. In between, she plays random instruments poorly, swears often, and wonders where her next adventure will be. Some of which involve hiking, camping, scuba diving, and starting complex projects she knows little to nothing about. She loves breakfast, good friends, and hearing other people's stories.  

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All Elvis wants to be is a witch, but the Academy of Witchcraft won't let him! Elvis is about to give up on his dreams when Murielle comes along to show him how to be a witch. Written and illustrated by W.B. Clark, So You Want to Be a Witch? is a magical story about accepting yourself even when others may not.

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